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IP and Patents by Edoardo Feira - Grenoble INP - Master Nanotech

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Publié le 2 mai 2017
Colloque / Séminaire
Date de l'évènement : 23 avril 2018




IP and Patents/ Industry and Research

 by Edoardo Feira

      European and Italian Patent Attorney 
Stolmár & Partner  (Munich, Germany)

A basic understanding of how intellectual property rights can be acquired 

- what is the difference between trademark, designs, copyrights and patents ? 

- which one should one apply for ?

- how much does it cost ?

How the patent system work ?

- what can I do with a patent ?

- do I need a patent to make a product ?

- do I need a patent to sell a product ?

- if I have a patent, this give me the right to make and sell a product right ? To implement a process ?

- if someone patented it, can I still make research on it?

What is patentable ?

-can I patent software ?

- can I patent DNA ?

- can I patent medical inventions ?

- can I patent a process ?

- I invented a better process for making a known device. Can I patent it ? 

How to read a patent and understand what it protects ?

- the patent is 40 pages long. How do I know what exactly they want to protect ?

- the patents describes a lot of things which were known at that time. Does this make the patent invalid ?

How to understand if a patent is an issue for a product ?

-- where do I search for patents ?

- how can I know if a patent is still alive ?

- I have found this patent online, how do I know if it is relevant to my product ?

- what happens if I ignore the patent and decide to put my product on the market anyhow ?

How to combine research and patenting the research ?

- I want to publish my research but I also want to patent it. Do I have to do this in a specific order ?

-we did research with another team, who owns the patent ? 

-I made my research available on my website and now they tell me I cannot patent it anymore! Why ? 

How to avoid accidentally infringing a patent ?

-- I didn't know there was a patent on this product, now I got a letter from the patent owner asking me for damages, what can I do?

 How to develop an effective IP strategy ?

- when should I think about patents during the development of a new product/process? 


Lieu :

Phelma Minatec/ Z108

Acknowledgement : IRT Nanoelec

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