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IP and Patents by Edoardo Feira - Grenoble INP - Master Nanotech

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Publié le 2 mai 2017
Colloque / Séminaire
Date de l'évènement : 15 mai 2017



IP and Patents/ Industry and Reserach

What is a patent ?

What is it for and (most importantly) what it is not for?

Why should anyone be interested in patents?

How to read (and understand) a patent?

How to evaluate when filing a patent may be a good option?

Using patents to speed up your research

How to obtain a patent?

The costs of obtaining a patent

National and international protection

The current (false) European patent and the future (true) European patent

Rights and duties of the inventor and the employer


The difference between patents trademarks and designs

Edoardo Feira
European and Italian Patent Attorney / Stolmár & Partner

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Phelma Minatec
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