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MELEXIS view by Nesrine Chaabani - Grenoble INP - Master Nanotech

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Publié le 6 mars 2015
Colloque / Séminaire
Date de l'évènement : 10 mars 2017




Seminar about MELEXIS

Melexis is a global microelectronics engineering company with around 1000 people located in more than 10 different countries. Together, they invent, design, market, produce and sell micro-electronic solutions for the automotive, industrial and consumer products. 

 On the small site of Switzerland, Melexis counts 7 former Nanotech students. They would like to share with you their experience, give you an overview of what your possible job could look like, present you the many opportunities you can have in Melexis and give an answer to your curiosity.


  Come to meet them!


Lieu :

Phelma Minatec
à partir de 15h45

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