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Seminar of Filippos FARMAKIS - Grenoble INP - Master Nanotech

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Publié le 27 mars 2017
Colloque / Séminaire
Date de l'évènement : 24 avril 2017



Application of Micro and Nanotechnology to Lithium-ion batteries

It is widely known that many technological sectors (electric vehicles, smartphones, renewable energies, space, etc..) expect quick advances on energy storage technology. In the global race for cheaper, safer and lighter energy storage systems, lithium-ion technology seems to be positioned in a driving seat thanks to its intrinsic advantages. Moreover, last years, the application of micro and nanotechnology materials and techniques offer new opportunities and directions to existing technology. High energy density cells, nano-batteries and all-solid state batteries are some of the application that are directly benefit from micro and nanotechnology. The scope of this seminar is to introduce the Lithium-ion cell operating principles, to present the main technological challenges to enhance its properties and to highlight the most recent advances in respect of micro and nanotechnology engineering.
Democritus Universty of Thrace


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Phelma Minatec
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Master Nanotech
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