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EPF Lausanne

Publié le June 23, 2009
EPFL is one of Switzerland's two Federal Institutes of Technology. With a community of more than 10,000 people, the school has grown spectacularly in the last few decades.
Logo EPFLAssembling teaching and research activities on a single site facilitates interdisciplinary work and encourages the exploration of new domains at the interface of traditional disciplines. During their research projects, students have access to sophisticated laboratories and large technological platforms, especially in micro- and nano-technology.

Enterprises and investors occupy sought-after space in the science park on campus. Students with an entrepreneurial spirit have ample opportunity to complement their education at EPFL with studies in Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship.

EPFL's 6,600 students follow a curriculum that has been completely revised in accordance with the principles of the Bachelor/Master degrees advocated by the Bologne Accords. EPFL now offers 19 complete study programs leading to the Master's degree, with numerous options and specialization possibilities.

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