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Master's Degree in Micro and Nano Technologies for Integrated Systems

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Grenoble INP

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Grenoble INP is a university comprising 6 schools structured around 6 main disciplines : Information and Communications Science, Micro and Nanotechnologies, Energy, Materials, Environment and Production Systems. Supported by these competences, Grenoble is able of responding rapidly to the demands of the market.
The industrial structure of Grenoble is steeped in the microelectronics and microtechnology culture. The region contains all the constituents in the field of microelectronics and microtechnology, within a world reknowned scientific and technological environment.

La Maison Minatec

  • Published on 20/07/2009
    Since June 2006, Grenoble is hosting the national centre for innovation in micro and nanotechnology (the Minatec centre) under the initiative of the CEA (the Centre for Atomic Energy) , the Institut Polytecnique of Grenoble (Grenoble INP) and local authorities. By 2005, nearly 180 million Euros were invested in this project.
  • Published on 20/07/2009
    Phelma, formally ENSERG, ENSPG and ENSEEG, is an engineering school of Grenoble INP which was, with the Politecnico and the EPFL, the originator of the project...

Written by Alexis Sableaux

Date of update July 20, 2009


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