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Publié le January 16, 2013
NanotechLabs are part of the second semester syllabus of the Master Nanotech. They take place in Grenoble INP, on different platforms, including cleanroom facilities and IMEP, a laboratory specialized in Microelectronics.


The aim of these series of lab works is to show the techniques used in microelectronics technology and more specifically those used to elaborate Microsystems (MEMS). By going through the entire process flow, including simulation, realization, characterization, theses hands on will give a general overview of the standard and the specific methods and techniques used to elaborate modern complex integrated circuits.

Each lab work is 4 hours long. These lab works are divided in four parts:

    • Microelectronic devices: resistors, diodes, MOS capacitors, NMOS transistors...
    • MEMS devices: pressure sensors, micro-mirrors, cantilevers, bridges, suspended inductances...
    • Test structures to measure: material electrical resistance (4 point probes), photolithography misalignments, crystallographic orientation etching dependence... 

Of all the devices that you will make and characterize, we will mainly focus on two:

  • a pressure sensor
  • a MOSFET transistor.

Jean-Emmanuel Broquin

You need to write a report.  Click here for more details.
You will need to download and install softwares. Click here for more details.

Labs planning 2 Feb 2015
Process Flow (2 Feb 2015)
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