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Simulation - Nanotech Labs

Publié le 20 juillet 2009

Lab S1: Technological Simulation- SILVACO/Athena

Silvaco website

Lab S2: Electrical Simulation - SILVACO/Atlas

Silvaco website

Lab S3-S4: Introduction to ANSYS

This simulation lab is dedicated to the introduction to the finite elements analysis software ANSYS. After the first part of the lab, students will be familiar with the generic structure of the software and they will have some experience with the use of two different approaches to its programming - by means of graphical user interface and by using command files. Model generation will be practiced on different examples and the basic analyses (static, modal, harmonic) will be run.   In the second part of the lab, the complete analysis process will be performed on an example of a simple structure. The analysis will include the building of the model, meshing, boundary and load conditions definition, and static, modal and harmonic solution of the problem. S3S4  ANSYS website

The lab report is required after the classes. A part of the report will be answers to several Check points and Tasks corresponding to different steps of the lab work.

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