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Sport, culture, associations


Grenoble INP


Sport is integrated in the courses program of Grenoble Institute of Technology. There is a large choice of individual or team sports, multi-activities sport programs. Students can also practise sport activities during their free time. Many sport equipments and Grenoble exceptional nature environment (mountains, lakes and parks) offer a large panel of activities throughout the year.

Click here to know more about Grenoble Institute of Technology sports board (website in French)


Grenoble Institute of Technology student board funds and facilitates more than thirty clubs and societies with diverse activities. Many clubs and societies are set up each year to cater for everyone's tastes. Music, sport, art, gaming... you name it, there is a club!

A whole variety of activities are offered by clubs and societies - all there for you to live the dream. Whether you are a sports fan ("RAID" INPG outward bound group, Ski Club), into charity work (ISF) or international relations (BEST), leisure activities (comics, astrology) or music, there is a club of society for you. Join and use you free time to meet new friends and experience new things.


Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

  • Balelec (Festival)
  • Bal des diplômés (branch of AgéPoly - graduate's bal)
  • CinéClub (branch of AgéPoly)
  • PIP / Poly Impro pole (branch of AgéPoly)
  • Grand Prix Retro (branch of AgéPoly - old cars race)
  • PolyBeach (branch of AgéPoly - Beach sports event)
  • PolyManga (branch of AgéPoly - Manga's fair)
  • PolyNite (branch of AgéPoly - First bal of the academic year)
  • Satellite (branch of AgéPoly - Student bar... the one and only!)
  • Sysmic (branch of MicroPoly - Microtechnicians' bal)
  • X-Change (branch of AgéPoly - International Exchange Erasmus Student Network)

Ideally located on Lake Leman sides, EPF Lausanne offers a large choice of sports to its students. More than 70 sports are available in the academic program.

While studies programs are more and more intense, sport gives to students, professors and other university's employees the opportunity to take a break and enjoy a moment of leisure and social contact.

The sport area in Lausanne is in that respect extremely well equipped. The sport centre in Dorigny gathers indeed football and rugby fields, an athletics stadium, tennis courts and other multi-activities equipments. Last but not least, the direct access to Lake Leman is a great asset.

To know more about the sport department in EPFL, click here (website in French).

Date of update July 28, 2009

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