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Content of the degree - Grenoble INP - Master Nanotech

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Content of the degree

Publié le June 17, 2009

The degree course is based on :

  • The acquisition of a solid basic knowledge ;
  • Access to several sectors of micro and nanotechnology (microelectronics design, microsystems and nanotechnology) ;
  • The possibility of going into greater depth in some subjects or to get an introduction into subjects not covered by the main syllabus, by choosing optional subjects ;
  • Heightening awareness of financial, contractual and legal aspects specific to this area ;
  • An international education ;
  • Academic exchanges between the three universities ;
  • Practical experience through the final year project, individual or teamwork, practical lab work and methodological teaching.
Contents of the 3 semesters

The content of each of the three semesters is described below using the ECTS format. Extended ECTS descriptions are available below.

4th semester - end of year project

This is a large project held in France, Switzerland , Italy or another country, on a subject chosen by the student and validated in December (before the end of the 3rd semester) by the heads of the three institutions.

This full time placement will be carried out in a company or a research laboratory. It will last for a minimum of 5months. The evaluation of this work placement will be carried out by means of a work progress report, one month after the start of the project, a final report and two vivas (one known as pre-viva and the other, final viva). These two vivas bring together the teachers in charge of the work placement, the tutor and the work placement supervisor.

The report and the viva will be in English , but a written summary and an oral summary must be done in Italian and French.

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