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Master's Degree in Micro and Nano Technologies for Integrated Systems

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Although the scale of the structures is miniscule, the market itself is considerable.The field of micro and nanotechnology is high up among the major converging technologies
set to support economic growth worldwide for the next 20 years.
Miniaturisation has experienced a meteoric growth, for several decades,particularly in the field of microelectronics. This has led to improvements in the area of computing and telecommunications (GSM, wireless communications etc).

Tomorrow's industrial production, in the fields of micro and nanotechnology will be strongly driven , not onlyby the explosion in the telecommunications and computing markets, but also by the industries of machine construction, instruments and apparatus, textiles, optics and photons, medicine and pharmaceuticals, as well as the alternative energy industry.

Micro and nanotechnology could , in fact,change product design in almost all areas.

Professional outlets

Micro and nanotachnologies are rapidly expanding fields of industry, destined for significant developments in the coming years. As this concerns the field of high technology, European industry, in competition with the more advanced ,in this area, American and Japanese industries, needs,and will need specialised engineers and researchers, who have a solid foundation training which will allow them to adapt to rapid developments in these fields.

Industrialists from the sectors in partnership with the three universities strongly encourage the setting up of this degree course. Letters of support bear witness to this. The Master's degree course in micro and nanotechnology will enable students to acquire a solid and well balanced knowledge and skills base in the different fields linked to micro and nanotechnology, which will be directly relevant to the working environment.

Date of update July 20, 2009

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