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Master's Degree in Micro and Nano Technologies for Integrated Systems

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Alberto FERRERO   Nanotech11  / 7 July  2015

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by science in all its forms.
In particular, I like to think that a deep knowledge of both the physical phenomena and the technological processes is required to a good engineer who wants to make best use of the surrounding world to create something new and useful for other people. On one hand, the theoretical knowledge is necessary to look at physical phenomena in a different light, providing new ideas for their exploitation in useful applications. On the other hand, the awareness of the technological limitations related to manufacturing processes is essential to “keep the feet on the ground”.
The Master in Micro and Nanotechnologies for Integrated Systems is providing me with this precise background: a mix of physics at the micro and nanoscale, along with the study of the technologies available for its manipulation. Indeed, the range of possible applications is extremely wide, so that one can really choose whatever he likes.
To conclude, I would say that this Master is not only giving me the tools to shape my future at my will, but is also making me enjoy the studies as I would have never done in any other case.

Amalia SPATARU   Nanotech10  / 27 May 2015

"It didn't take me long time to realize that Nanotech was without doubt the greatest challenge I had the opportunity to take during my student years, both academically and from a personal point of view. The topics we are studying are a vast range from quantum physics to hardware modelling, guiding you through materials science, processes and circuit design, and they made me discover so many unknown (to me) sides of what this field really means. It is a valuable high-tech exposure, theoretical and hands-on at the same time, a big crossroad where a lot of streets coming from different directions are converging and it is up to you to choose the one you'd like to explore more. But nanotechnology is just a part of what Nanotech Master was bringing to me. Apart the technical knowledge, it brought me face-to-face with educational systems of three different countries, with an amazing mixture of cultures, with all kind of situations I couldn't predict, with people that became some of my best friends.

For me, Nanotech is a program that is professionally guiding you through the huge world of nano-systems while teaching you a lot about yourself and your limits."

Ruizhong LIN Nanotech 9 / 30 July 2015

"After completing my Bachelor degree in EPFL, I was initially not certain on which Master to choose. However, I wanted a path that opens many doors while fulfilling my top affinities:

- interests for technologies that impact different industries,
- willingness to understand elements that build our world,
- motivation to solve complex problems in teams, and
- enthusiasm to meet and work with people from different countries and backgrounds.

I chose the Master Nanotech for its distinctive curriculum. Today, I am extremely proud and delighted to have shaped my hard and soft skills throughout this international program.

All my interests were more than satisfied, thanks to a well-balanced mix between engineering classes, theoretical lectures, practical work, and team projects. I would like here to emphasize on one specific highlight: the people. The classmates and professors I met all enriched my knowledge and experience thanks to their specific expertise, ideas, and above all, their own unique cultural touch. Besides, I also discovered how easy it is to reach for Nanotech Alumni around the world to understand their experience, industry insights, or just for an informal chat.

After the Master, I moved to the professional services workplace as a management consultant. Both hard and soft skills I developed during the Master Nanotech helped my transition to the business world, where my interests mentioned above are also all fulfilled from a different point of view.

As my classmates and friends are thriving in both industry and academia, I believe that the Master Nanotech not only provides a great international learning environment for state-of-the-art technologies and research, but also opens doors to a wide range of opportunities."

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