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General Information

There are more than 30 student clubs and societies offering a whole array of activities and events. Whatever you are into - sport, culture, charity work, leisure or career-orientated activities - there is something for you. This is an important part of the student life and training as an engineer.

Grenoble Institute of Technology has a lively student world with well-developed societies - its engineering students are dynamic go-getters! A whole variety of activities are offered by Grenoble INP clubs and societies - all there for who wants to live the dream. Join and use your free time to meet new friends and experience new things!

The student board (Grand Cercle) organises student events at Grenoble INP. It is one of the largest student bodies in France with more than 5,000 members. Members of the student board come from all the 6 schools of engineering and coordinate student initiatives at Grenoble Institute of Technology;

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Parties and leisure

The Grenoble Institute of Technology "Gala" is the biggest night out of the year, with more than 2,000 party-goers. Each year the "Gala" has a unique, unforgettable program of music, shows and events. It gathers Grenoble INP students, professors, alumni as well as students from other Grenoble universities.

The Gala is not the only party organised by Grenoble INP students. Other events and many student parties take place several times a month, organised by one or several schools, sometimes associated with other Grenoble student boards. They often finish in the early morning with coffee and croissants...

Student board

Each school in Grenoble Institute of Technology has its own student board, either called BDE (Bureau des Elèves) or Cercle des élèves, which is in charge of the student life. The student board is elected every year, coordinates students associations, manages the budget and is responsible for the PR. In each school, parties, trips, conferences or humanitarian actions are organised on a regular basis.

Date of update September 9, 2009

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